Custom Plaque Gallery

We create laser cut/laser engraved plaques - some of our own design and some based on customer's requests. Our standard military plaques, like the Seabees one below, are laser cut plaques that can be made with or without the acrylic backing. You can see the entire set of standard military branch plaques on our Military Plaque page. 

We can also customize the text on these plaques, leaving the center military emblem and basic design of the plaque in tact. That option is available on each of the plaques shown on that page. We have also created a variety of custom plaques as shown below. The first example is for the 21st VA Infantry. This is a completely custom plaque where we used the standard military layout with the braid, and then recreated the customer's emblem as a cutout, also adding custom text. You can contact us for an estimate if you want this level of customization.  

Besides laser cutouts, we create plaques by laser engraving images and text. Most of the time, we use a standard 10" circle, but

seabees 10 in blue acrylic 2
Laser engraved personalized fireman maltese cross plaque

like the Fireman's Maltese Cross above, we can cut the plaque to a specific shape and size. This one was actually 24" tall. Some designs, like the Frederick County plaque and elevator plaque, are a combination of laser cuts and laser engraving and are completely customized. Please contact us if you are interested in this type of plaque.

The final type we create is a combination of laser cuts and color emblems, like the fire department recognition plaque given to Westminster Auto Service. You can actually design something similar using this website. There are two custom plaque products available for you to use - one that is completely blank, and one that has the military braid and layout.